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      ABC無菌灌裝閥  ABC aseptic filling valve






      ABC aseptic filling valve

      1. Cavity to withstand the working pressure (CIP pressure) 0.4MPa.

      2. Valve cavity flow rate greater than 1500L / Hr.

      3. All parts in contact with the product material using food-grade materials, temperature 150 ℃ or more, acid and alkali, do not break down, the entire valve metal material using food-grade stainless steel.

      4. Quality can not leak each other, and ensure that the valve chamber and the entire product channel completely isolated from the outside world with no leakage, to ensure that the valve chamber and product access to sterile conditions.

      5. The valve cavity and the entire product channel surface smooth (surface finish 0.8um) smooth transition interface, no dead ends, no product after cleaning, working media remaining scale.