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      衛生級法蘭球閥 Sanitary flange ball valve

      應用  無論是手動還是自動操作球閥,主要應用于加工飲料,釀酒,煉油,化妝品和化學工業。

      設計和特點    無需維護      比其他的閥門更小更輕      操縱扭矩小

      墊圈根據PTFE FDA 177.2600        無論流體是何種流向,手柄可以安裝在側邊的閥體上


      連接:螺紋,焊接,卡箍,法蘭,DIN SMS RJT FIL         可裝配氣動執行器,電動執行器

      物料接觸部位AISI 304/316L,其它部位AISI 304          認證:PED,97/23/EC

      選項   閥門類型: 直通球閥,三塊式球閥,三通球閥        球芯類型: T型、L型、直通型

      帶清洗排泄口             材質: AISl 304 316L

      Sanitary flange ball valve


      ltis widely used in beverage ,brewing ,oil refinery, cosmetic, chemical industries.

      Design and features        Freeof maintenances

      Compactand portable         Small operatingtorque

      Gasketcomplies with PTFE FDA 177.2600

      Handlever can be installed on the side of the valve body ,no matter of the flowdirection.

      Connectionends: thread ,clamp ,weld ,flange, DlN, SMS, RJT, FlL.

      ltcan match with pneumatic and electric actuators.

      Materialfor the part contacted with media is AlSl 304/316L.Other part is AlSl 304


      Options Typeof valves: One way ball valve, three-piece ball valve. Three-way ball valve

      Typeof cores: T type,L  type, direct type.             With cleaning and drainage port        Material quality: AlSl 304,316L