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      SanitaryCentrifugal Pump                                                


      SanitaryCentrifugal pump is  applicable inconveying all kinds of liquid mate rial in the industries of dairy,beer,beverage pharmaceutical and chemistryetc

      Shaft seal

      Theshaft seal of sanitary centrifugal pump adopts mechanical seal,with good,sealing performance,high self lubricating ability,wear resisting,high temperature,corrosion resisting,non-leak and  easyinstallation. The pump is equipped with either an external single or flushedmechanical shaft seal. All mechanical sealing spare parts are easily exchanged,rapidly maintained,and economical,making the maximum pump lifespan.

      Propertyand adadvantage

      sanitry  cenrtifugal pump has types of single levelsingle suction, open-sryled impeller ,with its elaborate design in shell ,impeller,resistance is reduced. health dead space is eliminated ,and the flow spead ofliquids in the pumps is increased, thus improuving the whole performance of thepump is increased ,thus improving the whole performanc of the pump, the opendesign for impeller guarantees the best cip, outstanding sanitary features, inthe course of processing produscts, they can satissfy santary  repuest, have advantages of stability, chemicalresisting property ,high  effi ciency, andesy  maintenajce ,the pump is supportedon four adjustable steel legs and its exit can turn any angle,increasing thus greasing the installation and usage range.


      1.These motors are made from ABB brand Standard threephase AC machine They are bulit to comply with CUrrent lnternational Standards:lntemational Electro—technica,Commission lEC 60034 and lEC60072,EU directives to fulfill EUropean“CE”mark requirement.

      2.SUperior electric performance,low noise ,low quake,All motors are  protected to

      lP55 as a minimum lnsulation level for the motors is F level

      3.Working voltage    ≤ 3Kw,220~240V/380~420V/?/Y



      5.Speedof rotation The speed of rotation for standard pump is 2900rpm


      Sanitary Centrifugal Pump


      ProdUct wetted steel Parts:SUS316L or  SUS304

      stainless steel Othersteel Parts

      SUS304 stainless

      steel Auxiliary sealedmaterial:NBR,EPDM,VMQ,FKM,PTFE Machinery sealed material:graphite一Slliconcarbide


      Sanitary CIP Pump


      SanitaryCIP pump is mainly used in conveying gas materials,so it is widely used in darwing materials in the case of unstableliquid high bottom, and liquid level even lower than the inlet of pump, andalso used as retum pump in cip system. ls is a necessary conveying device infood, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


      Adopingsideway principle having outstanding drawing ability easy to clean low costmaintenance low elctricity comsumption ,low noise


      Theshaft seal of WGZB Sanitary Liquid-Ring Pump adopts

      mechanicalseal, The stationary ring of the mechanical sealing consists of graphitecovered in 316L steel while the maobile ring consists of silicon csrbide

      Technical parameters:

      Max,inlet pressure:0.5Mpa




      50Hz,  220V/380-420V/660-690V.Δ/Y

      Electricmotor power:4,5,5,7,5KW

      Surtace treatment:

      Productwetted part: bright, other part: sandblasting or semi brighr.


      Allwetted parts, shell,covering and impellerare made from 316L stainless steels.   Productwetted steel parts: stainless steel 316L

      Otheparts: staniless steel 304

      Wettedsealing material: EPDM                          

      Electrical engineering

      1,These motors are made from ABB brand Standard with three phase ACmachine. They are bulit to comply with current lnternationalStandards:3lnternational Electrorechnica,Commission lEC60034 and lEC60072,EU directives to fulfill European ”CE mark requirement.

      2,Anti-explosion motir may be chosen to satisfy requirement.

      3,Superior electric performance,low noise,low quake,All motors are protected to lP55as a minimum,lnsulation level for the motors is Flevel.

      4,working voltage 3Kw,220~240V/380~420V/?/Y



      6,Working manner:Continuous(Sl)

      7,Speed of rotation The speed of rotation for standard pump is 1450rpm


      Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump

      Standard design:

      TheLobe pump with its conventional lobe pump design concept has a robust cast irongearbox, which provides maximum shaft rigidity and easy oil seal replacement.         The range has a universal gearboxdesign ,This gives the flexibility of mounting pumps with the inlet and outletports in either a vertical or horizontal plane by changing the foot position.

      Aquality epoxy paint system is used on the gearbox exterior for optimumprotection against natural and corrosive elements.

      TheWGZ in standard specification has sanitary design full bore inlet and outletports to lnternational Standards, max imising inlet and outlet port efficiencyand NPSH characteristics .Enlarged diameter and rectangular ports are alsoavailable to handle very high viscosity produst.

      TheWGZ in standard specification hsa tri-lobe rotors with the option of bi-lobe rotors for handling fluids containinglarge delicate solids. All rotors are avaibable in three temperature ratingsallowing the pump to be operated at maximum process temperatures of 70℃,130℃ and 200℃ forboth fluid pumped and ClP.



      Dairy:milk,cream,curds,butter,soft cheese,yogurt,butter,margarine,icecream

      Bakery:yeast,dough,fruitfilling,icing,fats and oils

      Meats:sausage filling,fats,broths,gelatins,petfood

      CannedFoods:potato salad,babyfood,soups stews,tomatoes,relishes,pudding,dressings,mayonnaise,jams and jellies

      Beverages:beer,mash,wort,fruit juices,fruit concentrate

      Candy:sugar,chocolate,cocoabutter,corn syrup,gelatin

      Flavorings:syrups and concentrates

      Dressings:Mayonnaise and other prepared sauces


      lndustral:automotive paints,inks,latex,polymers


      Materials of Construction

      Pumpgearbox-high quality grey cast iron.

      Productwetted elastomers of EPDM,NBR,FPM,all FDA conforming.

      AlsoPTFE for chemical applications.

      Shaft Seal Options

      Singleor single flush/quench(steam barrier foraseptic application)type mechanical seals.-Double typemechanical seal for flush.

      Standard Specification Options

      Specificationof inlet and outlet ports(Screwed male to BSP,DIN11851,Rdg,SMS,ISS/IDF,RJT,IAMD/3A,Tri-clamp and other Standard,or Flanged toBS4504/ DIN2533,ASA/ANSI150,BS10E and other standards)

      -RotorcaseCover with integral Pressure Relief Valve

      -Heating/CoolingSaddle jackets for Rotorcase and jacket for Rotorcase Cover(not available when relief valve fitted)

      -Bi-lobeRotors in stainless steel and non-galling alloy

      -Electropolishedproduct wetted components

      -Completepump unit comprising:Pump+Baseplate(mild or stainless steel)+coupling withguard+Geared electric motor suitable for(or suppliedwith)frequency speed control or manual variable speeddrive(advise motor enclosure and electrical supply)

      Materials for Mechanical Seals

      Carbon/Stainlesssteel,Tungsten Carbide/Tungsten Carbide,

      SiliconCarbide/ Silicon Carbide or variations of these materials to suit fluid beingpumped and/or application requirements.