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      With light sight glass

      Uses: Mirrors can be used in high temperature, corrosive, easily poisoned, dangerous, easy to crystallize chemical tower in order to ensure its safe production.

      1 cleaning process.

      Before use, it can be slightly wiped with alcohol cotton on its surface. Caution: Do not use acidic liquid to clean the outer surface of the glass.

      2 Select the gasket correctly.

      Ambient temperature of 280 degrees or less occasions, asbestos or PTFE pad can be, when the ambient temperature exceeds 500 ℃, the proposed choice of graphite gaskets. Note: The thicker the glass, the thickness of the gasket should be chosen accordingly.

      3 force evenly.

      Installation can not force too much, too large, it is recommended that the uniform force diagonal locking screw.

      4 regular inspection.

      Mirror glass after installation is completed, but also must be regularly checked, especially in the liquid environment containing acid and alkali, but also to do a regular inspection of the surface of the glass by the corrosion level to ensure the safety of front-line operators.