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      Aseptic welded sampling valve                                                      

      Asepticsampling valve can be carried out before and after each sampling Fungi

      Valve opening:sampling   Youcan man ally turn the handle opens the valve (adjustable valves)or by driving bar (open/close valve)valve stem and diaphragmretraction at this time, so that the liquid flows.

      Valve off: Sterilization

      Built-instep for spring opposite the valve closed, the cavity between the hosecomponents vacated for sterilization. lf you use steam sterilization, we recommendinstallation in the valve outlet of a small pressure relief valve (of theselected products.)

      Standarddesign  Asepticsampling valve consists of three parts, valve, valve head and diaphragm .Rubberseptum membrane placed on the valve head so that it can be flexible rod. Betweenthe valve body and the head model can be interchangeable.

      Asepticsampling valve in two sizes:

      M4valve for low viscosity materials such as water ,beer, liquor and liquid milk.

      w9valve for high viscosity materials such as fruit, yogurt syrup and ice cream.

      W9valve can also be coupled with micro-sampling ports ,sampling by syringe.

      Temperature  Maxinum sterilizationtemperature, dry steam (2~3bar): 121~ 134

      Valve body types include: Weldingfor the installation of the container port, portwelding forpipeline instllation, interfaces with a clampor threadedinterface.

      Valve body T-type:for vessel installation (welding mouth).

      P-type:for vessel installation (welding mouth).     C-type: Clamp interface.

      S-Type:Plug-in interface (thread).

      Material Body: Stainless steel, AlSl 316L        Valve head: stainless steel, AlSl304

      Diaphragm:Silicone rubber (standard valves)

      Ethylenepropylene diene monomer (EPDM) (with micro-sampling port valve)

      Technical parametersWorkpressure at the valve seat (valve closed): 1000 kpa(10 bar)

      Workpressure at the valve cover (valve open): Rubber 500kpa (5 bar)

      Stainless steel: 1000 kpa (10 bar)