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      Constant pressure regulating valve

      Applications Pneumatic control pressure and flow.

      Standard design Constantpressure valve body 12 of thick steel forgingdesignprocess, the spool and all parts manufactured by AlSl3016L or 304,sandblastingpolishing inside and outside the body, the diaphragm is made of high quality

      rubber,the maximum temperature can reach 140

      Working principlCPM-2constant pressure regulating valve controlled bythecompressed air pressure regulating valve to controlthe size ofthe position, so as to achieve the requiredpressure andflow

      Technical parameters   Largestproducer of pressure: 1000KPa (10bar)

      Minimumproduction pressure: 0KPa (0bar) =atmospheric

      Temperaturerange:-10℃to +95℃ to

      Temperaturerange (on the diaphragm PTFE /EPDM):-10℃toto + 140℃(higher on request).

      Airpressure: 0 to 600kpa (0 to 6bar)

      Flowrange Kv, fully open (p= 1bar): about 23?/h.

      Flowrange Kv, low capacity (p= 6bar): about 2?/h.  

      Optionalsizes): regulation of regional about 152?/h.(CIParea)