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      High shear emulsifying machine

      The high-shear emulsifier is a machine that can fully refine the material evenly, and its name comes from the machine that can make the oily substance (oil phase) and aqueous substance (water phase) mix to form even emulsion. The uniform refinement of the machine there are a variety of, such as ball mill, sand (bead) mill, grinder, colloid mill, disperser, high pressure homogenizer, which can refine the scope of application of the material, refine the homogeneous Ability varies. The high-shear emulsification machine with a refined, decentralized and homogeneous function. Is mainly used for liquid - liquid emulsion homogeneous, liquid - solid (powder, small particles) of the fine dispersion.

      For atmospheric pressure, vacuum, pressure conditions work. It has a stable operation, low noise, easy cleaning, flexible, continuous use, the material can be ultra-fine dispersion, emulsification.

      Mixing: syrup, shampoo, washing liquid, juice concentrate, yogurt, dessert, mixed dairy products, ink, enamel.

      Dispersion Mixing: dissolving methylcellulose, dissolving colloid, dissolving carbides, emulsifying oil and water, premixing, seasoning production, stabilizer dissolving, soot, salt, alumina, pesticides.

      Dispersion: Preparation and depolymerization of suspensions, pellets, drug depolymerization, paint dispersion, lip balms, vegetable broths, mustard mixtures, catalysts, matting agents, metals, pigments, modified bitumen, nanomaterials.

      Emulsification: Emulsion, ointment, cream, mask, cream, emulsifying essence, oil and water emulsion, emulsified asphalt, resin emulsified, emulsified wax, emulsified water-based polyurethane, pesticide.

      Homogeneous: emulsion, ointment, vanishing cream, mask, cream, tissue homogenate, homogenization of dairy products, juice, printing ink, jam.