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      CIP cleaning system suitable for pharmaceutical industry


      Atpresent,Intelligentized CIP system is widely used in biologicalfermenting andpharmaceutical industries with high requirement of cleanso that it teachessanitary and sterilization effect.

      Operational principle

      Through setprogramme (adjustable programme),CIP system makes auomatically preparationclean liquid,via pneumatic control valve and transfer pump and loop liquid pumpfinishing transfer of clean liquid and whole clean

      process ofcirculation circle clean and drain and recovery.Through conduct inspectioninstrument and PLC constituting control system reaches auto online clean.

      System incl udes

      ltelligent CIPsystem is as central integration system including WFI tank,CIP tank,plate heatexchanger,piping filter,transfer pump,loop liquid pump,temperature controller,levelcontroller,conduct inspection instrument,

      PLC touchscreen,control cabinet and piping and valves etc.

      According to process condition choose:Single tank type,double tanks type,separte body typeAsol choice: intelligentand manual                                                

      CIP CLEANING EQUIPMENT                          

      Full name of CIP system is cleaning in place System,Chinese name iscleaning in place ysten,It is a system,in which,producing equipments(tanks,pipes and valves etc)and whole production line is cleaned anddisinfected circulary in a closed loop withou being dismantled or opened.lt isapplicable for cleaning of equipments and pipes in indusries of dairy beverages,alcohol,agricultural and sideline products.                                                                                                        

      CIP cleaning system ls composed of acidtanks,alkali tanks,hot-water tanks,pure-water tanks,back-watertanks,disinfect-water tanks,thick-acid tanks,thick alkali tanks,heatexchanger,pumps,peripheral valves and pipes.These tanks can be allocatedaccording to technical requirements. Generally,the CIP system only comprisingacid tanks,alkali tanks and hot-water tanks is sufficient for requirements ofcleaning.                                                                                        

      CIP system producedby our company have the characteristics that,they are safe, energy-saving,highlyefficient,and easy to operate and maintain.                          

      Mainly are:   ①ManualCIP station  ②SemiautomaticCIP station  ③Auto CIP station system   ④Before materials compounding,the processing system carries outautomatic CIP,which is more advanced,automated,reliable and safe. Therefore,datasampling and exchanging on whole production line can be realized for linkages eachcouple of equipments.                                                                                                                

      Thestructures of CIP can be divided into joint type and split type.The CIP systemsof the two types,for each type,there are four types of heating: plate heating,linedpipe heating,coil-pipe heating,and through heating.The joint type of CIP systemhas specifications from one-loop to three-loop and tank volume from 1T to5T.The split type of CIP system has specifications from one- loop to six-loopand tank volume from 1T to 10T.