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      The equipment issuitable for percolation operation in traditional Chinese medicine,food,chemicalindustry and etc.

      The equipment iscomposed of tank body,taper body,oval seal head (or flat cover), pneumaticresidue discharging door,pneumatic operation bench and etc.lt has suchcharacteristics as equal solvent distribution and convenient residuedischarging etc.

      The percolationmethod is to add continuously leaching solvent into the rough powder ofmedicine materials to make it fitrate the medicine powder,and then the leachingliquid will flow from the bottom outlet.During the percolation,the layerpercolation method of solvent's filtering into the medicine material is to addcontinuously leaching solvent into the medicine material layer to make thesolvent pass through the medicine material layer from top to bottom anddissolve large amount of soluble matters.After that,the concentrationincreases,and it will move downward after the density increases.The leachingsolvent at the upper layer or the thin leaching liquid will exchangethe position and produce good concentrationdifference to make the scattering carried out smoothly.Thus,the leaching effectis better than the dipping method,and the extraction will be comparativelycomplete.