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      Steady flow tank

      No negative pressure control

      The system sets a constant pressure value, if the pipe network pressure is higher than the set pressure value, the pressure transmitter will feed back the pressure of the pipe network to the frequency conversion control cabinet, and the tap water can directly reach the user pipe network through the direct supply pipe to supply water to the user . Steady flow tank When the municipal pipe network pressure changes or the user pipe network changes in water pressure pipe pressure is lower than the set pressure, the pressure transmitter pressure feedback to the PID control cabinet PID controller, adjusted by the PlD controller Inverter output frequency, start the pump unit and adjust the pump speed to maintain constant pressure water supply; if you can not meet the water requirements, the control cabinet will control multiple frequency pump start and stop and frequency conversion pump speed, so as to achieve constant pressure variable water supply Request.

      Negative pressure equipment adopts microcomputer frequency conversion technology and effective negative pressure treatment technology to realize the laminated water supply. The details are as follows: The device realizes the direct connection with the water pipe network through the vacuum compensation system of the steady flow tank and the totally enclosed structure, and overcomes the adverse influence on the pipe network. The device collects the vacuum degree and the water level signal in the steady flow tank through the pressure gauge in the pipe network, the vacuum suppressor and the detecting device in the steady flow compensator, real-time feedbacks, and controls the special devices in the vacuum suppressor and the steady flow compensator by the microcomputer Action to suppress negative pressure to ensure steady flow tank to eliminate negative pressure The device does not affect the urban pipe network.

      New residential areas or buildings and other domestic water;

      Has built a pool, water tank water supply in order to eradicate the complete transformation of water pollution;

      Industrial and mining enterprises production, domestic water;

      Urban water supply system long-distance water supply intermediate pressurized station, regionalized water supply network pressurized station, high-level regional water supply pressurized station.