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      Sanitary Check Valve

      Application Checkvalve is used in stainless steel pipe system topreventreverse flow.

      Workingprinciple  Thevalve opens when the pressure below the valve plugexceedsthe pressure above the plug plus spring force. The valve close when pressureequalization has beenachievedA higher counter pressure will press the v alveplugagainstthe seat and makes the valve closed

      Material  Materialcintact surface     Sealing material: EPDM

      Connectionstyle    Welded,threaded ,clamped ,flange

      Toassure the connection and substitution with imported facilities all theConnection styles with pipe or equipment are made to DlN 11850,lDF/lSO,SMS internationalstandard size.

      Technical date   Roquireddifferential pressures to turn on the valve that fitted in a vertical pipeline areabout:

      Max.Pressure for transfer material:10 bar

      Max.Temperature: 140℃(EPDM)