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      Pneumatic diaphragm valve                                                          


      Diaphragmvalves,manually or pneumatic ally operated,are specifically designed for use on hygienic and aseptic processesin the pharmaceutical industries. The valve is excellent for flow control aswell as for open/close duties.

      Operating PrinciplesThe diaphragm provides the body seal as well as the seat seal. There are nopaths to the outside environment and as such the valve is suitable for aseptic processes.

      Asthe valve is closed a pressure pad which supports the diaphragm moves towardsthe sealing face on the body. As the pressure plate moves the diaphragm flexes andis forced down onto the seat area in the centre of the body thus closing offthe flow path through the body. The inter-relationship of body to the pressureplate prevents over compression of the diaphragm. The valve can be actuatedeither manually or pneumatically and controlled by control tops and solenoidvalves.

      Technical specifications           Max.pressure: 10 BAR(145PSl)

      Workingtemperature:-10℃ to +120℃(EPDM)- 14°F to 248°F(+ 140℃(SIP,max.30 min) 284°F)

      Approvedaccording to Directive PED 97/2 3 EC

      Design and features Thediaphragm valves are better in feature of flow incomparison with other valves. lt is easier to clean up and betterto process the substance with particles. The phenomenon of air pocket is rareduring application of flow control.

      Minidiaphragm valve available size: 1/4",3/8",1/2",3/4”,

      Diaphragmvalve available size: 1",11/4".11/2",2",2.5",3",4"

      Suitablefor ClP/SlP.   Parts in contact with theproduct: AlSl 3 16L,

      Otherstainless steel parts: AlSl 304,   lnternalsurface finish bright,Ra 0.5 μm

      Externalsurface finish satin/bright


      Connections(standard):clamp, weld, thread, DlN SMS lDF lSO 3A BPE

      Bodyconstruction: Straight, Three ways, U type Diaphragms in EPDM,

      SlLlCON,VlTlON, EPDM+PTFE, all of them according to FDA 177.2600