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      Sanitary Ball Valve


      ltis widely used in beverage ,brewing ,oil refinery, cosmetic, chemical industries.

      Design and features        Freeof maintenances

      Compactand portable         Small operatingtorque

      Gasketcomplies with PTFE FDA 177.2600

      Handlever can be installed on the side of the valve body ,no matter of the flowdirection.

      Connectionends: thread ,clamp ,weld ,flange, DlN, SMS, RJT, FlL.

      ltcan match with pneumatic and electric actuators.

      Materialfor the part contacted with media is AlSl 304/316L.Other part is AlSl 304


      Options Typeof valves: One way ball valve, three-piece ball valve. Three-way ball valve

      Typeof cores: T type,L  type, direct type.             With cleaning and drainage port        Material quality: AlSl 304,316L