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      溫州源浩流體設備科技有限公司是一家集設計、開發、制造、銷售、服務于一體的高科技企業,公司主要生產各種不銹鋼閥門、管件、衛生級流體設備(衛生級換向閥,衛生級減壓閥,衛生級罐底閥)等?,F為溫州市泵閥協會會員,ISO9000 2008版質量質量體系認證單位、SGS-1935/2004認證認證單位、衛生許可證等。公司所有產品均可按照不同的光潔度,材質和工業標準(如ISO、DIN、IDF、SMS、3A)等進行制造。產品廣泛應用食品、供水設備、制藥、乳品、啤酒、飲料、精細化工領域,各項技術均達到國家標準,符合GMP藥典要求。閥門種類繁多,規格齊全,可根據用戶的要求定制各種標準的產品或非標產品,產品出口美國、歐洲等國家地區,可靠的質量與合理的價格,是我們不斷發展的基礎。


      Wenzhou Yuan Hao fluid equipment Co., Ltd. is a design, development, manufacture, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises, the company mainly produces all kinds of stainless steel valves, pipe fittings, sanitary fluid equipment, etc.. Wenzhou City valve is now a member of the association, ISO9000 2008 version of the quality and quality system certification unit, SGS-1935/2004 certification units, health permits, etc.. All products can be manufactured in accordance with different finish, materials and industrial standards (such as ISO, DIN, IDF, SMS, 3A). Products are widely used in food, water supply equipment, pharmaceutical, dairy, beer, beverages, fine chemical field, the technology has reached the international advanced level, in line with the requirements of the Pharmacopoeia GMP. The valve variety, complete specifications, can be customized a variety of standard products or non-standard products according to the requirements of customers, products exported to the United States, Europe and other countries and regions, reliable quality and reasonable price, is the foundation of our development.

      The company continues to introduce new products, product innovation and improvement. 'Continuous pursuit' is the source of the spirit of the ho. We are willing to more products, better quality, better price to welcome customers to the company to negotiate.